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i-Motor Pte Ltd

Manufacturing of brushless blower and condenser fan motors, and brushless DC motor controller for automotive (bus, truck) air-conditioning systems. i-Motor Brushless DC (or in short, BLDC) motors provide our users with trouble-free, environment-friendly services with longer product life, of at least 3-5 times that of the traditional brushed motors. i-Motor brushless motors requires no maintenance, are cleaner (with no carbon vapour and residue), are quieter (with no friction noise generated by brushers and commutator), has no arcing (spark-free), produce less heat, and more efficient in terms of energy saving. i-Motor's small but powerful brushless motors and controllers are reliable and give better performances as compared to the traditional motors in the market. i-Motor Brushless DC motor controller uses the latest high technologies; integrating commutator and PWM modular into one single unit, and is ideally suited for driving and controlling many types of DC brushless motors. i-Motor BLDC motors had been subjected to and satisfied various safety tests, and had been awarded TUV's Certificate of Conformity. All safety protections are integrated into i-Motor products. A beneficial feature is the versatility in mounting which make our i-Motor BLDC motors inter-changeable with many models of automotive air-conditioning systems.

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  • Means of transport
  • Motor vehicle ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Air conditioning equipment for motor vehicles...
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