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Cabot Norit Singapore Pte Ltd

The Norit Group Norit 'leading in purification' develops and applies state-of-the-art purification technologies to help society, through our clients, meet environmental, health, and safety challenges, and work towards a sustainable future. The Norit Group, headquartered in The Netherlands, supplies consumables, components, systems, and solutions, based on proprietary technology in every step of the water and beverage value chains. More than 8 percent of the world's population - over half a billion people - already consumes water purified by Norit! Norit's activated carbon, membranes, pumps, aseptic and hygienic valves, carbon dioxide systems, and quality control equipment rank among the world's best. Norit offers global coverage with research and development, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in seven countries. A network of dedicated Norit sales and service centers, business partners, and distributors serves customers in more than 150 countries around the world. For more Norit Activated Carbon Norit Activated carbon, part of the Norit Group, is the world's largest producer of activated carbon and related services with production facilities in The Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, the United States of America, Brazil and Mexico. Norit Activated Carbon now produces more than 150 different types of activated carbon products, which provides the most choices, precise fit and best performance for a variety of applications: - treatment of potable, process and wastewater. - gas and air purification. - solvent recovery, automotive. - decolourisation, deodorization and purification of numerous products in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. - special applications: batteries, catalysts, gold recovery. Norit Activated Carbon also offers activated carbon reactivation, carbon change out services, and both granular and powdered carbon systems and equipment. With almost a century of application knowledge and production know how, Norit Activated Carbon provides the best quality and reliability. Norit Membrane Technology Norit Membrane Technology, part of the Norit Group, supplies water treatment solutions for a large variety of applications based on Norit's proprietary technology. Clients turn to Norit Membrane Technology because of their extensive experience and know-how in the fields of industrial process and wastewater treatment for the brewing, beverage, food, dairy, and leachate industries. Norit Membrane Technology's unique and successful formula is based on the principal of finding the optimum balance between scope of supply, quality, cost, guarantee, and risk in close cooperation with the customer. The high level of customer support maximizes the performance of virtually every membrane plant. In addition, a comprehensive range of services, such as commissioning, supervision, surveillance of plant performance, consultancy and training, process and equipment audit, spare parts delivery and troubleshooting, is an inherent part of Norit Membrane Technology's product portfolio. For more Norit X-Flow X-Flow BV, part of the Norit Group, is the world's leading company in the development and supply of high-quality and innovative membrane technology to global municipal and industrial markets. With years of expertise and experience in water purification, ranging from producing potable water to treating process and wastewater, Norit X-Flow produces a wide range of standard membranes, modules and units for filtration and purification processes for a variety of industries. Norit X-Flow membranes are used in the field of ultrafiltration and microfiltration in capillary and tubular form, which makes selective filtration possible. Norit X-Flow application know-how for projects of all sizes, including some of the largest membrane installations in the world and extensive portfolio of membrane products guarantees the best available solutions for water purification. For more -Gas / Air Purification - Catalyst - Mining - Water Treatment - Water Purification - Waste Water Treatment - Filters and Strainers - Filtration - Purification Associated Companies: Norit Activated Carbon Norit Filtrix Norit Haffmans Norit Membrane Technology Norit Nijhuis Norit Process Technology Norit Südmo Norit X-Flow

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