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Chemical industry plant and equipment
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Analytical Technologies Pte Ltd, AGOC

T.D. Williamson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

AT & P Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Anexus Pte Ltd

Stemcell Singapore Pte Ltd

Auweld International Pte Ltd

Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte Ltd

Sekai Marine Pte Ltd

Inoue-Nissei Engineering Pte Ltd

Bornemann Pumps Asia Pte Ltd

Sweco Asia

Hup Leck Auto Part Co. Pte Ltd

Heinkel Process Technology Pte Ltd

AHE Pte Ltd

Filtrex Technology Pte Ltd

Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd (SEA Regional Headquarters)

Delfin Industries Pte Ltd

Nature Environment Products (S) Pte Ltd

Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd

Shin-Etsu Singapore Pte Ltd

Metrohm Singapore Pte Ltd

Chemoscience Pte Ltd

Tsubaco Singapore Pte Ltd

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Miltenyi Biotec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Filtec Pte Ltd

JT Universal Pte Ltd

KWT International Pte Ltd

Eyela Singapore Pte. Ltd

Sing Kong Whee Trading

Hisland Technologies Pte Ltd

DLE (Singapore)

Berger International Limited

Wall Tag Pte Ltd

Viking Life-Saving Equipment Pte Ltd

Asia Projects Engineering Pte Ltd

CPM/Pacific (Pte)Ltd

Chong Lee Leong Seng Co. Ltd

Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd

Iwashita Instruments Pte Ltd

Kim Hee Pte Ltd

Entegris Singapore Pte Ltd

Land Equipment Pte Ltd (Head Office/Factory:)

K & L Fluid Technology Pte Ltd

Joyson Pte Ltd

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

Aquablu Pools (Pte)Ltd

Atlas Copco (South-East Asia) Pte Ltd

Kee Beng Filters (S) Pte Ltd

USG Products (F.E.) Pte Ltd

Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte Ltd

Cabot Norit Singapore Pte Ltd

Material Dynamics Pte Ltd

Refresh Water Trading Pte Ltd

Alniff Industries Pte Ltd

SPX Flow Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

Rapiscan Systems Pte Ltd

Hiap Guan Electro Plating Materials Pte Ltd

Epoxy And Equipment Technology Pte Ltd

Microactive Scientific (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Cantel Medical Asia/Pacific Pte Ltd

IMI Corporation Pte Ltd

Eutech Instruments Pte Ltd

Biomed Diagnostics Pte Ltd

Lintec Concrete Technologies Pte Ltd

Hub Filter Supplies

Jiwa Industries Pte Ltd

Pacific-Tec Marketing Services Pte Ltd

Kajika Pte Ltd

Talon Technology

Conair Pacific Equipment Pte Ltd

WAM Singapore BHM Pte Ltd

Malayan Daching Co. Pte Ltd

Ansac Asia Singapore Pte Ltd

Hyflux Ltd

CMP Technologies Pte Ltd

Psc Biotech Pte Ltd (PSC)

Aik Beng Manufacturing & Trading Co. (Pte)Ltd

Boge Kompressoren Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Maxwell Power Services Pte Ltd

Miratech Supplies Pte Ltd

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