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Electrical industry contractors
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Element14 Pte Ltd

Tanaka Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific

Magenta Manufacturing Pte Ltd

IConnexion Asia Pte Ltd

Motion Controls (S) Pte Ltd

Maxstech Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Aavid Thermalloy (S) Pte Ltd

Rising Technologies Pte Ltd

Wilmax Control Systems Pte Ltd

Rotary Switchgear & Testing Pte Ltd

Ah Wah Marine Electrical Works

SunCrest Engineering Pte Ltd

MBE Technology Pte Ltd

Toplist Mechanical & Electrical Services

Apollo Seiko Pte Ltd

Wemark Techno Engineering Pte Ltd

Advanpack Solutions Pte Ltd

Advance Electrical & Technology Pte Ltd

C & W Electronics Pte Ltd

Eltek Power Pte Ltd

National Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Celestica Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

J Seagull Technology Pte Ltd

Aeromac Engineering Pte Ltd

JCS-Echigo Pte Ltd

Holland Electrical Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Ellipsiz DSS Pte Ltd

Bond M & E Pte Ltd

Wurth Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

ITC Refrigeration Pte Ltd

Kok Keong Electrical Engineering Co

Procurement Hub Pte Ltd

Sixty-Six Switchgears Co. Pte Ltd

Sputnik Electrical Services ((A division of MANU ELECTRONICS PTY LTD))

BS Tech Pte Ltd

Vinical Electrical Pte Ltd

Advance PE Services Pte Ltd

Omni-Plus System Pte Ltd

Powerlite Engineering Pte Ltd

Ricco Hydraulics & Engineering Pte Ltd

Maxwell Power Services Pte Ltd

Atron Pte Ltd

RS Components Pte Ltd

Maintech Engineering & Supplies Pte Ltd

Otto Solution Pte Ltd

Avi-Tech Electronics Ltd

Colben System Pte Ltd (Energy Divison)

RPM Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

Duan Ee Trading

Giken Sakata (S) Limited

Singapore Kyoden Pte Ltd

Kaga (Singapore) Electronics Pte Ltd

Teco Electric & Machinery (Pte)Ltd

Aikkei Electronics Pte Ltd

HTK C&H Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Silicon Electronics Co.

NLT Electronics Pte Ltd

AVIQ (S) Pte Ltd

ROTEC Singapore Pte Ltd

Airex Pte Ltd

Pulse Tech Singapore Pte Ltd

Comms Technology Pte Ltd

Tye Engineering Pte Ltd

ABB Pte Ltd

Trans-Eurasia Marine Services Pte Ltd

Tian Shan Electrical & Technology Pte Ltd

Spring Technologies Pte Ltd

Tatas Equipment Pte Ltd

Veloxity Components Pte Ltd

Brady Corporation Asia Pte Ltd

Hock Cheong Electric Pte Ltd

Epan Industries (Pte)Ltd

Seap Trading Pte Ltd

Spiktron Corporation Pte Ltd

Panduit Singapore Pte Ltd

Lumberg Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Kinergy Corporation Ltd

Closed-loop Technology Pte Ltd

Newlec Engineering Pte Ltd

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