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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
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Winston Engineering Corpn (Pte)Ltd

Leong Jin Corporation Pte Ltd

Heinen & Hopman Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd

NKR Continental Pte Ltd

Celsius Equipment Pte Ltd

Oversea AirCondition Co. Pte Ltd

K & Q Brothers Electrical Engrg Co. Pte Ltd

Teck Hoe Airconditioning Parts Pte Ltd

Heating Equipment Pte Ltd

Continental Equipment Pte Ltd

Motan-Colortronic Pte Ltd

Roycel Pte Ltd

B.I.P. Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

Pyrozone Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Lulla-Motion(S) Pte Ltd

Yeong Lee Metal Works

Cycle Aire (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Megatek Enterprises(S) Pte Ltd

Bornemann Pumps Asia Pte Ltd

Lulla-Motion (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Schneider Electric Singapore Pte Ltd

BTU Overseas Ltd

Pacific Autocom Enterprise Pte Ltd

Jasper Air-Condition Engineering Pte Ltd

Penguin Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Harvey Norman Singapore Pte Ltd

Allied Energy Systems Pte Ltd

Shin Tai Ho & Co. (Pte)Ltd

Cool Box Engineering & Services Pte Ltd

Hydac Technology Pte Ltd

Golden Stone Enterprise Pte Ltd

Femac Singapore Pte Ltd

Aeromac Thermal Pte Ltd

Intratrade International Equipment

Singapore Takada Industries Pte Ltd

Sinfonia Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Thamps Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

StriBest Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Scandinavian Boiler Service (Asia) Pte Ltd

Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd

NEKO Automation (S) Pte Ltd

Aifa (S) Pte Ltd

Singapore Radio & Industry (Pte)Ltd

Mayekawa Singapore Pte Ltd

Sympac Engineering Pte Ltd

Metraco Refrigeration Engineering Pte Ltd

Astic Pte Ltd

Kim Hong Electrical Company

OST Refrigeration Pte Ltd

Singduct (S) Pte Ltd

Dunham-Bush International Pte Ltd

Tripower Corporation Pte Ltd

Tan Hup Lee Radiator Enterprise

S & W Pte Ltd

Takasago Singapore Pte Ltd

Aston Air Control Pte Ltd

Goodform GRP Pte Ltd

Tuck Hwa Fabrication Pte Ltd

Safetech Devices Pte Ltd

C.R. Pte Ltd

Magnetronics Technology Pte Ltd

Tradac Electric Pte Ltd

Metta Ocean Pte Ltd

Oriental Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Micro Aire-Care Pte Ltd

Ideal Building Products Pte Ltd (Ideal Bathroom Pte Ltd)

Barcol Air Engineering Pte Ltd

Excser Air-Con Pte Ltd

CentiForce Instruments Pte Ltd

TLV Pte Ltd

Arie Darma Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd

Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd

Amphenol FCI Connectors Singapore Pte Ltd

Far East Group Ltd

Ariston Thermo Pte Ltd

Aik Beng Manufacturing & Trading Co. (Pte)Ltd

Computronics Air-Conditioning (S) Pte Ltd

John Crane Singapore Pte Ltd

Boge Kompressoren Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Karmsund Maritime Singapore Pte Ltd

Seng Hup Auto Trading

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