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Materials testing, assaying, analysing and inspection services
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Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd ((A company of Singapore Technologies Kinetics))

*Calibration & Measurement - Electrical Equipment (Including RF equipment) - Mechanical Equipment (Including Flow, Pressure, Torque, Force etc) - Temperature Equipment (Including Furnaces, Ovens etc) - Dimensional Equipment (Calipers, Micrometers etc) - Dimensional Verification of Jigs & Fixtures - First Articles Inspection - Volumetric Apparatus and Gas Meters *Chemical & Biological Testing - Material Chemical Composition and Analysis - Microbiological Testing - RoHS Testing *Environmental Testing - Environmental Impact Assessment / Monitoring / Analysis / Pre-audit - Stack Emissions Testing - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis - Industrial Hygiene Monitoring - Noise Monitoring - Trade Effluent Analysis * Materials Engineering - Failure Investigation, SEM and EDX Analysis - Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing (Tensile, Compression, Proof-load) - Customized Testing, X-sectioning, Plating Measurement - Load Test and Certification of Lifting Equipment - Approval of Scaffolds in Singapore *Non-destructive Testing - RT, UT, ET, PT, MP, PMS and Welders Qualification Test - Infra-red Demography - Inspection and Purification of Structural Steelwork and Pressure Vessels. *Product Reliability Testing - Vibration and Climatic Testing - HALT and HASS Testing - Dust Test - ESS and ESD Testing - Salt Spray Testing - Fast Temperature Change Rate Stress Screening - Highly Accelerated Stress Test - Reliablity and Maintainability Programe - Diagnostics Measurement and Analysis (Stress, Strain, Vibration, Shock, Noise, Pressure, Temperature and etc) - Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Vibration Test System Awards & Qualifications Received: *Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC-SINGLAS) - Calibration and Measurement - Chemical and Biological Testing - Electrical Testing - Environmental Testing - Mechanical Testing - Non-destructive Testing *Accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 by Singapore Accreditation Council (Accreditation Scheme for Inspection Body) - Industrial Equipment and Machinery (Lifting Equipment) - Building Construction and Maintenance (Structural Steelwork Inspection) *OHSAS 18001 *ISO 14001 *NEA Approved Center for Stack Emissions Testing *MOM Approved Center for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring and Noise Monitoring *NEA Approved Center for Testing Cooling Towers & Water Fountains *NEA Listed Center for Testing Indoor Air Quality *MOM Approved Test Center for Type Approval of Scaffolds Associated Companies: Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd

  • Waste water and water pollution analysis and treatment services
  • Environmental services, renewable energies
  • Water analysis services...
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