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Metal pipework, valves and containers
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T.D. Williamson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Exon Technology Pte Ltd

First Port Global Pte Ltd, FPG

West Pharmaceutical Services Singapore Pte Ltd

BBN Industries (S) Pte Ltd

Hyflux Consumer Products Pte Ltd

Fort Vale Pte Ltd

Lone Star Triplefast Pte Ltd

Walip Corporation (S) Pte Ltd

SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd

Proflex Industries Pte Ltd

Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific PTE. LTD. ((Toyota Group of Companies))

Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte Ltd

B.I.P. Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

X-Torque & Gates Pte Ltd

Co-ax Valves Pte Ltd


Edgen Murray Pte Ltd

Ban Soon Hardware & Hydraulic Supply

Lysaght Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

Ferrous Asia Pte Ltd

OMB Valves Asia Pte Ltd

Marine Onshore Pte Ltd

Tubular Services (Asia-Pacific) Pte Ltd

SSB Cryogenic Equipment Pte Ltd

Tami Services Pte Ltd

Hyosung Singapore Pte Ltd

Kawamin Pacific Pte Ltd

Hunting Energy Services (international) Pte Ltd

Eastern Tankstore (S) Pte Ltd

RO-QUIP Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Inhwa Enterprise Pte Ltd

Pacific Process Instruments Pte Ltd

Teck Siong Huat Hardware Pte Ltd ((Branch Office))

Fluid Pac Pte Ltd

SCM Builders Pte Ltd

OMS Oilfield Services Pte Ltd

Voss (F.E.) Pte Ltd

PBA (S) Pte Ltd

Soconord Singapore Pte Ltd

AVM Diesel (F.E.) Pte Ltd

Sintalow Hardware Pte Ltd

Hong Leong Asia Ltd (Corporate Office)

HupSteel Ltd (Hup Seng Huat Co Ltd)

Universal Metal Works Pte Ltd

Leeds International Pte Ltd

Spraying Systems Co. (S) Pte Ltd

Eureka Tools Pte Ltd

Ductile Pte Ltd

Guan Huat (1979) Pte Ltd

Binder Asia Pte Ltd

Haws Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Flowserve Pte Ltd (Fluid Sealing Division) ((Fluid Sealing Division))

Pentair Valves and Controls Singapore Pte Ltd

TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

Mectron Engineering Pte Ltd

Kong Tai Hardware & Engrg Trading Co.

Chemoscience Pte Ltd

Materion Brush Singapore Pte Ltd

LTC Office Supplies Pte Ltd

Seng Hoe Co. (Pte)Ltd

Freudenberg Oil & Gas Pte Ltd

Tai Tian Metal Works

American International Industries Pte Ltd

Duro International Pte Ltd

Steel Industries Pte Ltd

Sin Hong Huat Aluminium (Pte)Ltd

Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia Pte Ltd

Tenaris Global Services Far East Pte Ltd

Excelsior Building Materials And Trading Pte Ltd

M. C. Packaging (Pte)Ltd

Star Controls Engineering Co. Pte Ltd

Toa Valve Overseas Pte Ltd

Swee Hup Engineering Resources Pte Ltd

Mech-Product Supplies Pte Ltd

Plant & Mill Supplies Pte Ltd

EagleBurgmann KE Pte Ltd

Gemu Valves Pte Ltd

CBI Overseas LLC

Velocity Energy Pte Ltd

Vole-Oct International (S) Pte Ltd

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