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Fastrans Forwarding (S) Pte Ltd

Leongold Trading Company Pte Ltd

P5 Global Integrate Pte Ltd

Fairchild Semiconductor Pte Ltd

Fillpack Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

DMX Asia Pte Ltd

Artsgate Trading Pte Ltd

Aero Express Logistics Pte Ltd ((Head Office))

Scud Industries Pte Ltd

Primotech Packaging Pte Ltd

Marking Method Systems

Global Semicon Technology Pte Ltd

Hock Heng Electronics Trading

Malayan Daching Co. Pte Ltd

Chematic Industrial (S) Pte Ltd

Exon Technology Pte Ltd

AVD Electronics Marketing Pte Ltd

Print Pak Technology Pte Ltd

Magnetone Singapore Pte Ltd

Sepoms Singapore Pte Ltd

Feige Filling Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

MP Pack Singapore Pte Ltd

Wissen Technology Pte Ltd

Uhlmann Singapore LLP

ISL Asia Technologies Pte Ltd

Archer Marketing and Development (S) Pte Ltd

Elite Stationery Trading Pte Ltd

Clearpack Singapore Pte Ltd

MG Kobewel Sales & Services

Bok Sing Hardware Paints Pte Ltd

VT Logistics Services Pte Ltd

MKE Timber Solutions Pte Ltd

Paradise Pte Ltd

KTL Global Limited

KHS Asia Pte Ltd

Modern-Pak (Pte)Ltd

3D Industrial Electronic Pte Ltd

Nippon Plastic (Pte)Ltd

Hong Seng Hang Enterprises Pte Ltd

IER Pte Ltd

Thermic Coating Industries Pte Ltd

Technodigm Innovation Pte Ltd

Semiconductor Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

Bosch Packaging Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Sanwa Hardware Industries

Global Systech Pte Ltd

Oceangate Trading Pte Ltd

IDI Laser Services Pte Ltd

Fujicon Engineering Pte Ltd

Laser Packaging Machine Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Kromax South Asia Pte Ltd

Sunstream Industries Pte Ltd

Focke (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Maxgross Microtronics Pte Ltd

Sin Chew Woodpaq Pte Ltd

MPDV Asia Pte Ltd

J-Tech Machinery Trading Pte Ltd

Autofeed Enterprise

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

MGV Enterprises Pte Ltd

AF AdvanTech (S) Pte Ltd

Markpack Trading

Signode Singapore Pte Ltd

S.A.C. (Pte)Ltd

Quickpack Singapore Pte Ltd

SATO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Yoshi Trading Pte Ltd

Amcor Flexibles Singapore Pte Ltd

CT Equipment Pte Ltd

Perfexa Resources Pte Ltd

Hilltechs Packaging Industry Pte Ltd

Bestpack Enterprise

Crystalpack (S) Pte Ltd

Jerick Technology Pte Ltd ((A Subsidiary of Jovan Tech Pte Ltd))

Megapac Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Kinsen Equipment Trading Pte Ltd

Electra (S) Pte Ltd

Sien Tai Plastic Ware Company

Aeo Logistics Pte Ltd

Tantraco Enterprise Pte Ltd

Standard Engineering Company

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