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TES-AMM Singapore Pte Ltd

TES-AMM group of companies is a leading e-waste recycling and waste material management service provider, specializing in the re-use, demanufacturing and trading of scrap electrical and electronic equipment. We also provide education and research support for clients in area of waste management. We are capable of handling: - Electronic waste recycling; manual or automated disassembly, mechanical & chemical treatment processing - Customised Destruction & Demanufacturing activities for electronic waste. - Electronic Waste Management - E-Waste Recycling - (Precious) metal recovery - Repair & refurbishment of IT Equipments, Parts and/or components (ITAD services include on-site or off-site secure data erasure / media destruction, assets sanitization, parts harvesting and resale on the second hand market. Items which are not functional are recycled in house for materials and precious metals extraction.) - Waste water treatment - Fume treatment - Component Recovery - Plastic recycling - Metal Recycling - Epoxy recycling (Epoxy-Waste Plastic Compound Manufacturing Pilot Plant Established) - LCD recycling (R&D stage) - Battery recycling - Aluminium Smelting Main e-waste items or products we are targeting to collect: - Scrap semiconductor chips, micro processors, lead frames & integrated circuits (IC) - Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) - Wafers and dies - Components; transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. - Fuse & connectors - Hard (disk) drives, docking stations, servers, UPS & Power supplies - Electronic devices, IT Equipment (Laptop..), computer & peripherals, telecommunication & mobile communicative networks. - Take Back Program - Tes-AMM collaborates with MNC to customize Take Back Program, & Lends Support in logistics & advertising & promotion campaigns in any way required.

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