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Country Foods Pte Ltd

Leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of frozen and chilled processed food products and convenience meals in Singapore. Certified with HACCP on the entire operation of manufacturing, processing and packaging. The factory and products are also Halal certified. Products & Services: Pre-cut Vegetables & Fruits - Offers cleansed, sanitized, pre-cut vegetables and fruits sealed in vacuum packs to simplify the operations of fast food chains, restaurants, cafes and other food service organizations. Processed Meat & Seafood - Our wide varieties of processed meat and seafood items come pre-formed, pre-fried, roasted, steamed or smoked. Complemented with our uniquely formulated seasonings, these food products can be transformed into culinary delights within a few minutes of cooking. Convenient Foods & Ready Meals - Our convenience food products are all single-portioned in ready-to-consume packaging. Pop one of these delicious convenience meals into the microwave oven and within minutes, one can enjoy the instant goodness of the meal wherever you may be. Soups & Sauces - Our range of soups, sauces and seasonings are specially developed for food services organizations for efficient portion control and ease of operations. Contract Manufacturing - Customizes frozen and chilled food products according to our customers' requirements and packs under their own branding. Also develops unique and exclusive recipes for fast food chains, restaurants, cafes and caterers.

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