Companies - Structural metal fabrications for building work - Singapore

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Edgen Murray Pte Ltd

Dyna-Mac Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Lai Yew Seng Pte Ltd

Singapore Takada Industries Pte Ltd

Integral Converters Pte Ltd

Netline Singapore Pte Ltd, NL (The Access Floors Solution Provider.)

Advance Storage Pte Ltd

Fyfe Asia Pte Ltd

Bergen Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd

Marine Cadcam Pte Ltd

Kwong Lee Engineering (Pte)Ltd

Hwa Yew Iron Works Pte Ltd

Aluminium Offshore Pte Ltd

Wing Ngai Engineering Pte Ltd

AD TEK Pte Ltd

Vestar Iron Works Pte Ltd

Tong Sheng Engineering Pte Ltd

Hirose (Asia) Pte Ltd (Office)

HGS Manufacturing Co. (Pte)Ltd

Greenbay Marine (Pte)Ltd

Hong Hock Engineering (Pte)Ltd

Hup Lian Engineering Pte Ltd

Reintjes Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Yuan Li Construction & Trading Pte Ltd

SMARTY-BT Oilfield Services Pte Ltd

Luckong Engrg & Steel Fabrication Pte Ltd

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

THI Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd

Eng Lee Engineering Pte Ltd

Eng Meng Metal Construction Pte Ltd

NSL Engineering Pte Ltd

Index Precision Industries Pte Ltd

DDW-Paxocean Asia Pte Ltd

HQSM Engineering Pte Ltd

Sea Quest Technology Pte Ltd

Offshore Technology Development Pte Ltd

Marco Polo Marine Limited

Eelat Pte Ltd

Sasaship Pte Ltd

Top Great Engineering & Marine Pte Ltd

Kimmak Engineering Work

Rotary Engineering Limited

Sin Ye Group

Kaszon Pte Ltd

Steelers Fabrication Pte Ltd

Boon Hong Engineering Pte Ltd

Sunden Marine Engineering Pte Ltd

Fei Brothers Engineering Pte Ltd

Multimedia Engineering Pte Ltd

Zedos International Pte Ltd

Trans-Matic Pte Ltd

Chin Wah Metal Works Pte Ltd

Pneucon Engineering Pte Ltd

Yong Chan Metal Engineering Pte Ltd

YTC Shipyard Pte Ltd

Meitech Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd

Pool Connect Pte Ltd

Continental Steel Pte Ltd

Union Steel Pte Ltd (A Member of Union Steel Holdings Limited)

Eutex Pacific Pte Ltd

Nissho Engineering Pte Ltd

Kori Construction (S) Pte Ltd

Siong Leng Engineering Pte Ltd

Tellus Marine Engineering Pte Ltd

Anderco Pte Ltd

Chuan Leong Metalimpex Co. (Pte)Ltd

Girin Pte Ltd

Foo Heng Construction Pte Ltd

Superior Multi-Packaging Ltd

Yongnam Engineering & Construction (Pte)Ltd

Eagle Products

Sterling Engineering Pte Ltd

Technics Offshore Engrg Pte Ltd

Wing Heng Iron Works Co. Pte Ltd

Global Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd

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