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Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte Ltd (Office:)

Analytical Technologies Pte Ltd, AGOC

2M Technologies Pte Ltd

JK Digital

Aecom (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Lloyd McGill Pte Ltd

James Ferrie & Partners

Hainal-Konyi (S) Pte Ltd

Exposystems Technique Pte Ltd

Polar Instruments (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Arrow Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd ((Warehouse))

Aspree Electronics Pte Ltd

AT & P Engineering Services Pte Ltd

AVD Electronics Marketing Pte Ltd

Schenker Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Management/Admin/Sales; Seafreight/Accounts/Logistics:)

Deepblue Pte Ltd

Cuproban Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Everpine Technology Pte Ltd

Sound & Vision (Pte)Ltd

Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd (Halliburton KBR)


Astraco-Asia Trading Company Pte Ltd

Panatec & Perfect Industries Pte Ltd

Kowa Lab Engineering Pte Ltd

MPDV Asia Pte Ltd

Kenda Technologies Pte Ltd

Logwin Air+Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd

Lek Hung Moulding Pte Ltd

Econ Geotech Pte Ltd

Hup Heng Engineering Works Pte Ltd

Maintain Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

Cosco Marine Engineering (S) Pte Ltd (A member of Cosco Group)

Exyte Singapore Pte Ltd

OIA Global Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

Sensys Singapore Pte Ltd

Bo Steiber Lighting Design

Hyosung Singapore Pte Ltd

Halcon Primo Logistics Pte Ltd

Achieve Talents Pte Ltd

Eco-Wiz Mfg (S) Pte Ltd

Sigma.3 Pte Ltd

Boustead Projects Ltd

Amberg & TTI Engineering Pte Ltd

Tang Technical Services Pte Ltd

Aurecon Singapore (Pte)Ltd

JDC Corporation

HC Design Pte Ltd

Genisys Integrated Engineers Pte Ltd

Benchmark Electronics Singapore IPO Pte Ltd

Rockwool Building Materials (Singapore) Pte Ltd

JGC Construction International Pte Ltd

SCM Corporation Pte Ltd

Joo Huat Engineering (Pte)Ltd

SCM Builders Pte Ltd

TCAM Technology Pte Ltd

Tellus Marine Engineering Pte Ltd

Micro Measurement Pte Ltd

Power Instruments Pte Ltd

SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd

Otto Marine Limited

Daikai Engineering Pte Ltd

Pang Brothers Metal Pte Ltd

Oval Asia Pacific Pte Ltd ((A Subsidiary of Oval Corporation of Japan))

Wasco Engineering Services Singapore Pte Ltd

Seamap Pte Ltd

UL International-Singapore Pte Ltd

Minton Treharne & Davies (S) Pte Ltd

Tange Associates Asia Pte Ltd

Boxson Packaging Industries Pte Ltd

Shiptech Pte Ltd

Ong & Ong Pte Ltd

Obayashi Corporation

United Project Consultants Pte Ltd

CMP Consultants Pte Ltd

CIAP Architects Pte Ltd

ECAS-EJ Consultants Pte Ltd

IPCO International Ltd

Amsbach Offshore Services Pte Ltd

Design Ideas International Pte Ltd

Consortium 168 Architects Pte Ltd

IMG Singapore Pte Ltd

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