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Digiphonic Systems Pte Ltd

Greenclay Technologies Pte Ltd

SHAMA Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

National Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Zwick Asia Pte Ltd

Agilent Technologies Singapore (Sales) Pte Ltd (Global Solutions Business Unit)

Gold Lite Engineering Pte Ltd

Rohde & Schwarz Regional Headquarters Singapore Pte Ltd

ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions) Pte Ltd

Eastcom Systems Pte Ltd

Ricfred Dot Com LLP

Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd

Fluke South East Asia Pte Ltd

Agilent Technologies Singapore (Pte)Ltd

Tektronix Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

Isocom Technology Pte Ltd

ClearHub Pte Ltd

Comms Technology Pte Ltd

Thuraya Telecommunications Company ((Singapore Branch))

Spring Technologies Pte Ltd

Tagit Pte Ltd

Wenzel Asia Pte Ltd

First Communications & Services Pte Ltd

DNI Technology Pte Ltd

Sensys Singapore Pte Ltd

Nihon Denkei Co. Ltd

Pneucon Engineering Pte Ltd

JDSU T&M Singapore Pte Ltd ((Communications Test & Measurement))

Bird Electronic Limited (Pan Asia Branch)

Furuno Singapore (Pte)Ltd

Nanyang Equipment Pte Ltd

DAL Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

Masstron Pte Ltd

AVD Electronics Marketing Pte Ltd

Exon Technology Pte Ltd

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