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Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
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Exon Technology Pte Ltd

Lai Springs & Metal Manufacturing Pte Ltd

J-Tech Machinery Trading Pte Ltd

MPDV Asia Pte Ltd

Nissin Machinery Pte Ltd

Lijen Industrial Development Pte Ltd

Groz-Beckert Singapore Pte Ltd

Murata Machinery Singapore Pte Ltd

Tajima Asia Pte Ltd

Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd

Shin-Etsu Singapore Pte Ltd

Barudan Asia Pte Ltd

Singapore Machinery Co. Pte Ltd

United Texmac Pte Ltd

Electrolux S.E.A. Pte Ltd

Newlong Singapore Pte Ltd

IDI Laser Services Pte Ltd

Thor International Pte Ltd

Sagana International Pte Ltd

Altra Industrial MotionWarner Singapore Pte Ltd

X'Pan Trading Pte Ltd

Rim Polymers Industries Pte Ltd

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

Juki Singapore Pte Ltd

Aisin Asia Pte Ltd

Kian Ngiap Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Choong Heng Tooling and Engineering Pte Ltd

CCS Asia Pte Ltd (A Company of CCS Inc.)

DAP Sewing Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

Great Oriental Trading Company

Tai Ma Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Honlok Sewing Machine Trading Co.

Colben System Pte Ltd (Energy Divison)

Squares Machinery Pte Ltd

Sys-Mac Automation Engineering Pte Ltd

Mattress International Pte Ltd

Hup Foh Machinery Pte Ltd

Hong Lin Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Honyo Industries

F A Screen Process Printing

Signvec Technology Pte Ltd

Schattdecor Pte Ltd

Apexlink Pte Ltd

VendoChem Pte Ltd

MAKX Enterprises Pte Ltd

TubeFit (S) Pte Ltd

Yamato Singapore Pte Ltd

Freeform Solution Pte Ltd

Spintec Engineering Pte Ltd

Sut Lick Trading (S) Pte Ltd

Minco Corporation

Kinsen Equipment Trading Pte Ltd

Cre8 & Concept

Artsgate Trading Pte Ltd

TQC Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

Jerick Technology Pte Ltd ((A Subsidiary of Jovan Tech Pte Ltd))

Axil Scientific Pte Ltd

Aik Huat Precision Tools Pte Ltd

Elna SMP Singapore

Magic-Koil Pte Ltd

Memories Souvenirs Pte Ltd

Horme Hardware Pte Ltd

Twin Star Singapore Machinery Pte Ltd

Ban Soon Sewing Machine

AMS System Services Pte Ltd

Meiban Technology Pte Ltd

Jovan Tech Pte Ltd

DMG Mori Singapore Pte Ltd

Oceangate Trading Pte Ltd

Global Systech Pte Ltd

EO Technics Singapore Pte Ltd

Protool Systems International Pte Ltd

Singapore Tool & Die Pte Ltd

Sanwa-Intec (Asia) Pte Ltd

Uni-corp (Singapore) Pte Ltd

G.O.T.C. (S) Pte Ltd

Guan Lee Long Sewing Machine

Wan Teck Chiang Machinery (Pte)Ltd

Nissens Asia Pacific ((c/o Tangro Asia Pte Ltd))

NK Ingredients Pte Ltd

Auratec Technology Pte Ltd

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