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Infino Inc.

#303, SoP Center, 106-46, Gwahakdanji-ro, Gangneung-si
Gangwon-do 25440
South Korea

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INFINO Inc., which is a company specialized in ceramic razor. We have manufacturing the world's first ceramic razor. Basis of technologies are ceramic materials, process and semiconductor testing equipment. We are made semiconductor test equipment by ceramic material, ceramic razor's know-how was found in the developments.

Cerazor for women is
World's first ceramic razor for the protection of women's sensitive skin. And the razor blades come in contact with skin horizontally to prevent skin damage during shaving, and it completely blocks skin troubles caused by metal allergies.

Skin damage prevention
Cerazor's razor blades come in contactwith skin horizontally for shaving at the depth for skin damage prevention.

Prevention of skin troubles caused by metal allergies
Cerazor is a razor developed with a non-metal mineral ceramic razor blade. It doesn't cause both oxidation and corrosion, which prevents it from becoming rusty and fundamentally solved the occurrence of skin trouble caused by metal allergies.

Zirconia(ZrO2) is
It is a non-metallic inorganic fine ceramic material with excellent biocompatibility. It does not cause oxidation and corrosion when exposed to water and moisture.
It does not induce inflammation allergic reactions, and it is to develop medical implants or widely used devices, including artificial joints.

Patent registration
"INTEGRATED MULTIPLE RAZOR BLADE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF (10-1532244)" Korea registered patent (2015.06.23).
PCT (WO2014 / 208866) Four countries registered: Korea (2015.06.23), Japan (2017.12.01), Canada (2018.03.27) and the United States(2018.07).
During the registration review, 42 countries: the European Union (38 countries), China, India, Mexico, Russia.

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Year established 2014
Co.Registration No 221-81-45748
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 70 7469 0588
Website http://www.infino.co.kr
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Kwang-seok Yoo

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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Feb 2 2019

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