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from 16 Jun, 2022 to 11 Jul, 2023

1. Sparkling and Carbonated Bath Ball 3 pcs + Bubble and Sparkiling Bath ball 3 pcs  2. EWG Green grade, More than 90% of food grade ingredients - Bath bombs soak your whole body, check the ingredients first. 3. Coconut-Derived Surfactants - Using natural surfactants derived from Coconut, SLSA, not the synthetic surfactants. 4. Bath Bombs + Bubble Bar - Have you purchased the bath bomb and bubble bar seperately so far? I'm Bomb, Bubble and Sparkiling Bath balls = Bath bomb + Bubble bar 5. Sanitation individual packaging 6. Remove residual chlorine from tap water. Remove residual chlorine from tap water that can irritate the skin and worsen dryness.  

Bugs Dog Original

from 16 Jun, 2022 to 16 Jun, 2023

1. Insect 100% feed without meat/poultry
2. High-quality feed that is good for allergies as it does not contain meat or poultry
3. Oven-baking process makes the feed surface free from grease
4. Grain-free feed using domestic inserts

# Technical Detail / Specifications
(100g x 12ea)

EIR Moisture Cream

from 16 Jun, 2022 to 5 Jul, 2023

A multi-function cream that provides moisture deep into the skin
This is a multi-functional cream that provides whitening and inner moisturizing at the same time. It offers spreadability which allows it to adhere gently to the skin. As a product for aesthetic specialists, it goes beyond instant moisturizing to help restore and maintain the balance of sebum in the skin, helping skin regain its vitality.

Kids Calcium Jelly

from 16 Jun, 2022 to 14 Nov, 2023

 [Kids Jelly for balanced growth]
-. Jelly that can help the balanced growth and nutrition of infants and young children
-. Jelly-stick type that can be easily drunk anytime, anywhere
-. Children's favorite peach flavored jelly sticks
-. Containing a large amount of calcium oxide (210mg) helps children grow and develop
-. Contains colostrum powder for infants, zinc, vitamin D, oligosaccharides
- 1set (30 sachets) for 4 weeks [take 1 sachet per day]
-. Recommend for this child.
    1) Children who need various nutrients
    2) Children with irregular eating habits
    3) Children who needs strong growth
    4) Children who are not good at taking pills or powdes


from 16 Jun, 2022 to 11 Jul, 2023

This product is a paste made with jujube grown in Korea. Jujube paste is utilized in many ways which are jujube tea, jujube latte, and jam. Jujube which is a main ingredient is not only a very healthy fruit, also it tastes good. We used the natural sugar content of jujube, so we can reduce the amount of sugar. Jujube contains a large amount of beta-carotene, vitamin c, and polyphenol. These jujube paste with good efficacy can help you a lot in your healthy life. Make a choice!

sample purchase of 92gim, original flavor seaweed

from 29 May, 2022 to 29 May, 2023

sample purchase of 92gim, original flavor seaweed

PURCHASE OF SAMPLE SOLMOI Olive Green Tea Seasoned Laver

from 29 May

Avocado Oil SOLMOI Laver
(Traditional Laver 4/5packs (Bundle))


sample purchase of Crispy sea snack Korean BBQ flavor

from 29 May, 2022 to 29 May, 2023



from 13 Jun, 2022 to 29 Apr, 2023

Seasoned Seaweed Laver,  Roasted Seaweed Laver, Korean Roasted Seaweed, Roasted seasoned dried seaweed

We made seasoned and roasted seaweed  of high-quality ingredients

#We roast the laver once and then season it. Then the second round of roasting begins. This process highlights the savory flavor and crispier texture of the laver.
- Our laver products deliver the maximim flavor and savory texture of laver
- Our laver prodcuts are not tought and have proper elasticity
- We manufacture our products with hygienic equipment, and systems that were obtained by an HACCP certification.

parae seasoned laver(table size)

from 30 May, 2022 to 31 May, 2023

Traditional flavor, latest sanitary equipment and automation facilities
Since we made laver with the high quality laver, fresh sesame oil and perilla oil and produced product in hygienic and safe environment, you can enjoy the taste just like your mothers used to cook before. 

BOMCHOYEO Fish Soy Sauce, BOMCHOYEO Nonfan Strawberry Gochujang

from 29 May, 2022 to 29 May, 2023

BOMCHOYEO specialty
Fish Soy Sauce, BOMCHOYEO Nonfan Strawberry Gochujang

Grilled Octopus Bulgogi

from 12 Jun, 2022 to 31 May, 2023

Grilled Octopus Bulgogi
Stir-fry octopus and bulgogi directly with spicy sauce.

Korean new smart door lock with card, fingerprint, password and mobile app opening

from 23 May, 2022 to 31 Dec, 2022

By: Pushpull System Co., Ltd

Constantly working on changes and taking on new challenges is the value that Pushpull System pursues.

Pushpull System has developed excellent products through 'door shake prevention technology', 'antibacterial coating', and 'Brand K' awards and etc. Company provides technologies and products that are essential in various industries such as households, public institutions, construction, distribution, etc. based on abundant experience and expertise. Pushpull System is striving to provide technology products by improving customer convenience and real-time technology through the combination of the domestic digital door lock Iot platform. Pushpull System Co., Ltd. opens a new path and advances it together with you.

Anti-noise mat between floors

from 18 May, 2022 to 30 Dec, 2022

The TPU material of CAREMAT that has uses eco-friendly and hygienic TPU material, and is safe for children.

Through our own production, construction and sales of TPU mat, we  provide a sensuous design suitable for interior and the comfort of top-quality TPU mat.

A scientific 3-level structure consisting of high-durability TPU film, a delicately designed printed layer, and high-elasticity polyurethane foam.
CAREMAT has a 7-level locking structure that has been carefully designed to minimize accident caused by gap.
The material of the CAREMAT has excellent resilience, is safe for children, and uses TPU, which is also used for medical purpose and it has more than ** hygiene related certification.  

Taste and enjoy of Korean Cuisine, we invite of our delight savoriness

from 18 May, 2022 to 30 Dec, 2022

Let’s enjoy more delicious food with Our seasoning


Since our company's main item is food, we are doing our best to ensure stability, which is recognized as the most important in food.
We do everything we can to provide safer food to our customers, believing that it is the only way to reward them for their support.

We would like to express our respect and deep gratitude to our customers who believe in and support us as we do our best to go ahead of time while achieving our goals with firm values.
Please continue to give us your interest and support.

Better Safe, Better Clean

from 18 May, 2022 to 30 Dec, 2022

Fine TnC will support customers with the slogan of “Cleaner and Safer”.

FINE TNC tries to pursue the mission statement “Safer and cleaner” with every product we produce.
Moreover, we rather try to become laundromats’ partner through activities as “detergent consulting, laundry information service, laundry technique R&D” than to be mere detergent suppliers.
We ask for your support and attention.

INNOPET - Smart Elevated Pet Feeder

from 18 May, 2022 to 30 Dec, 2022

It is a brand that provides convenience to companion animals "INOPET"

We have developed height-adjustable tableware for pet comfort.

Smart Elevated Pet Feeder
The best feeder height for pets is floor to armpit for dogs and floor to neck for cats.


Inflation Busting Maintenance Automation Training Enterprise License

from 8 May, 2022 to 30 Dec, 2022

Provide these certificate courses to all your employees/students, in all of your facilities/campuses globally!

Until the end of the year, we offering the Maintenance Automation Training Perpetual Enterprise License for half the normal price. That is in addition to the 32% bundled certificate course discount that is also applied!
  • That's Inflation Busting!
The Maintenance Automation Training certificate course software bundled with the Enterprise License can be used for in-house training of students/employees and for distance learning. Please follow the link on this page to learn more about these highly interactive self-contained courses with built-in simulators, lab manuals, mini-LMS, and more.

Full Sanding High Immitation Bristles

from 21 Apr, 2022 to 23 Apr, 2023

Full sanding
Excellent capacity in pickup and release of paint (33% more than normal filament)
Super Light Crimp much closer to natural boiled bristles than alternatives
Good bend recovery
Soft Tips
Light weight:  10-15% less than natural boiled bristles
Can be mixed with natural bristles or other filaments easily
Environmentally friendly: RoHS / Reach compliant

To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

from 7 Apr, 2022 to 7 Apr, 2023

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Extract Powder

ㅇ Raw material for final products(pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food)
ㅇ Ingredients : Red ginseng extract 100%(6 years old, Korea), Ginsenoside(Rg1+Rb1+Rg3) 6mg/g~20mg/g
ㅇ It can be produced and supplied on your demand.

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