Air-10 | aerosol infections for dermatology, beauty salons, nail shops of Ko-max Co.,Ltd.


Description of the Product

It is a machine that can prevent aerosol infections in places other than the hospital, such as dentists, internal medicine, dermatology, beauty salons, nail shops, and massage shops.

Model no : Mini suction Air-10
Dimensions : 270mm(W) x 275mm(D) x 750mm(H)
Configuration :
-Powder coated steel
-Suction motor : 220V 1,280W
-Air cleaner filter & air filter : Dust filter & air filter
-Free hose & clear hood
-Control panel(Touch panel, alarm, Suction control)
-Medical Caster
-Code line
-220V/50~60Hz(Export 100V~120V)

Price of the Product

Price not indicated