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dredging equipment
Dredgingequipment will be used to prevent coastal erosion, reclaim land, and build ports, offshore oil rigs

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Matala Biofilters www.mivalt.cz

Matala Progressive Bio-Filter Media Matala filter media act as versatile mechanical and biological filters and with their unique technology represent the last generation of filtration on the market. They are most often used in sewage treatment plants, as well as for water treatment in rivers or in aquarianism. The medium itself is formed by twisted fibers from thermoplastic compounds - polypropylene. Matala is an advanced three-dimensional filter medium for water filtration while maintaining an optimal ecosystem. It is a highly airy structure of a plastic product with a large surface, allowing optimal layering of bacteria. made of polypropylene suitable for water management can be ordered in different colours and dimensions The advantages of Matala are available are 4 different density filter material, allowing to create stepped mechanical and biological filtration good adhesive (adhesive) properties for nitrifying bacteria that convert ammonia into large surface nitrates, ensuring stable bacterial growth easy water flow through mediums very resistant to clogging simple maintenance stable, non-toxic and solid material – self-support polypropylene (does not need support) easy cutting and fastening low weight (e.g. compared to sand filter) At the beginning of wastewater treatment, water is loaded (contaminated) in biological treatment plants – has high values of biochemical oxygen consumption (BSK), which means a large amount of dead organic matter processed by heterotrophic bacteria. They grow very quickly and form long chains. Therefore, in activation, the coarsest MATALA bio filters with a very sparse density (relatively small surface - about 150 m2/m3) can be the coarsest. In other sections, bio particles are already digested by heterotrophic bacteria, and their fumes serve as food for nitrifying bacteria. These require a larger surface of the bio filter for intensive cleaning and, moreover, do not create such large clusters. Therefore, it is advisable to use MATALA with a larger surface – up to 290 m2/m3. For output clean-up to reduce BSK (e.g. from 30 μg to 4 μg, it is advisable to combine medium MATALA 290 m2/m3 with a high MATALA density of 365 m2/m3. Another effect of MATALA boards Different density gives us the opportunity to combine in sequences or separately and create unique filters for specific customer needs. This is the biggest advantage matala offers. No other media on the market provides such performance of tiered, progressive filtration. MATALA effectively separates large and smaller particles, which are further cleaned, subsequently released and transferred to more detailed filtration. MATALA has another advantage and this is free water flow without one-way laminar flow, when there is zero speed on the limit layer and intensive biomass settling and sugging occurs. MATALA has a high free volume (i.e. only 4-6% of the total filter volume, it occupies fibers, the rest of the volume is occupied by water) = long retention time (time of water retention in contact with organic media). MATALA do not need any supporting structure. They're self-portable. Biological surface for microbial growth Free volume in % BLACK150 m2/m392 % GREEN290 m2/m393 % BLUE365 m2/m394 % GREY 460 m2/m394 % 8 diameters: 20" available, 22", 24", 27", 30", 37", 42" and 48" (1" =25.4 mm).

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Dredging equipment will be used to prevent coastal erosion, reclaim land, and build ports, offshore oil rigs

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