fg angel soap | natural mineral body soap of FUTUREGATE


Description of the Product

** Soap to save nature and our skin , Angel soap of the world .
It is a water-saving soap that selects perfect cleansing and natural best raw materials for natural extraction. It adds the world's first patented water soluble silicate to completely remove strong cleansing and fine dust while performing the best functions for moisturizing and skin protection to make skin silk.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

** This Soap has a patent ( KR10-0996882 B1 )
** Also, Angel Soap has ISO 9001 certification .
** We hope to recommended living natural soap .
Angel soap make by Master ( Mrs. Kim jeong sook )
Angel soap including many kinds materials for example
( Natural Mineral Soap thinking of nature and heath )
* Suitable for all skin with intelligence, dryness, neutrality
and sensitivity.
* Use both washing and bathing .
* whitening , moisturizing and decontaminating functions .
* Ultraviolet protection and powerful cleaning capability.
* Acne and atopy improvement features.
* Far infrared and anionic emission function.
* It's also good for hair loss prevention.