fg florea detergents | liquid detergent of FUTUREGATE


Description of the Product

A detergents that saves people and nature by developing not only food products but also food products as a healthy detergent.

1.We used GIUCOPON from COGNIS, Germany, a raw material that has been recognized by the European Ecosystem Certification and the U.S.FDA for safe cleaning, such as sterility and non-toxic.
2. No synthetic (chemistry) surfactant is used at all, and it is good for skin protection by adding vegetable ingredients and extracts from aromatics and blueberries.
3. The type 1 detergent based on the Ministry of Health and Welfare is prohibited from using enzymes and bleach compounds. In the case of anionic surfactants, only 90% of biodegradation (natural decomposition in the natural world) can be used, thus enhancing safety.
4. Floating bubbles easily biodegrade under running water and disappear
5. Remove grease and clean with a rich foam.
6.The skin is protected by the presence of a buleberry extract.
7. We have a quality recognized as a product that has been developed and cooperated with each other, such as Yonsei Life Science and LG Life Sciences.
Using a vegetable surfactant (green glucophone), stir it at 60 to 65 and put it in a packaging agent automatically after quality test. 

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Cleaning is excellent and it melts well in cold water, leaving no residue
* Using glucopon (surfactant), an FDA-certified vegetable material
* Skin hypoallergenic and biodegradable are eco-friendly products
* Clear and clear laundry for different age groups