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Description of the Product

Gas dryers EURODIFROID operate on the principle known as "direct expansion". They ensure the absence of water in the analyzers. The gas to be cooled enters into a separator-exchanger cooled by the evaporating refrigerant. The water is "trapped" in the lower part of the separator and can be drained by gravity or peristaltic pump. The outlet temperature of the gas is regulated and kept constant by a hot gas injection valve that ensures a dew point of 1 ° C. Each dryer can be
achieved by 1,2 or 3 independent circuits. Supplied ready to use, they are loaded with gas which doesn't contain any CFC. The cooling circuit is in stainless steel 316L.

-Hermetic compressor
-Regulation via electronic thermostat.
-Air condenser.
-Automatic expansion valve
-Refrigerant R134a.
-Hot gas injection valve.
-Power socket filtered to protect the electronics in the analyzers.
-Electro galvanized frame and cover, painted in -RAL7032.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Tested in factory and ready to use.