[Heart Plus] Automated External Defibrillator of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd.


Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Dimension 7.1cm(H)X29.3cm(W)X29.1cm(D)
  • Weight 1.9kg

Technical Details

-Energy : 180J(Adult), 50J(Child)
-Shock Charge Time : Approx. 13 Seconds
-Lead 2
-Analysis Time : Less than 11 Secons
-ECG 1,000 instance of 5 seconds recordings 
-Ambient Noise : Total 60 Minutes
(4 instances of 15 minute cycles)
-Self-Test: Times & Result of 3,000 events

Description of the Product

HeartPlus NT-180 is a compact, portable device that analyses the heart’s rhythm and delivers a defibrillation shock to re-establish the normal heart rhythm. HeartPlus NT -180 guides the user through each step of the defibrillation process by providing voice/ visual prompts. 
HeartPlus NT -180 of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd provides Uni-Pads which can be used for both adults and child and two types of cartridges, integrated-type or separated-type.