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Description of the Product

-The resolution of the crack sensor and tilt sensor is possible to the world's highest level of 0.01mm / 0.01 °, respectively. It is equipped with only the essential functions as IoT sensor nodes such as wireless communication, minimizing the form factor of the sensor module, and maximizing the price/performance ratio.
-Provide an all-in-one solution related to a structural health diagnosis
-It is easy to install so that each sensor node and repeater can be installed on the structure and data logging to the server is possible, and the setting for each sensor node can be controlled wirelessly from the server, so it has a great advantage in terms of maintenance.

IoT Sensor-based structural health monitoring system is required.
- Damage to adjacent buildings due to constructions -> Preliminary identification of structural hazards
- Securing the soundness of infrastructure -> Data accumulation for structure health
- Damage caused by insufficient safety diagnosis system -> IoT sensor-based automatic safety diagnosis required

1. Real-time notification and data checking through a mobile app.

2. Securing safety prediction through big data.
* Using clockwise data
- The judgment of long term displacement of the structure
- Determination of maintenance schedule and direction
- Determination of displacement according to temperature, humidity, etc
- Determination of the safety threshold

* Utilization of accumulated data in emergency
- Judgment when the first structural error occurred
- Minimization of casualty through fast warning
- Comprehensive judgments by combining many types of sensors such as vibration, crack, humidity and etc

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

IoT sensor-based structural health monitoring system
- Proven system with rich application examples
- Real-time unmanned measurements reduce maintenance cost
- Reduction of cost by operating own network
- Efficient automation of structural health management
- Minimization of damage to the structure to be attached
- Data collection linked with various sensor types
- Provide additional services through big data techniques

* High reliability
Guaranteed operation under temperature conditions up to -30 degrees Celsius and +70 degrees Celsius

* Guaranteed battery life up to 2 years
High economics and expandability
No additional cost due to the operation of own network
Possible to operate repeaters using public Wi-Fi networks
Free configuration of server and network, security can be maintained using VPN