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Description of the Product

It is an artificial intelligence oral health analysis system which can check the status of tooth and periodontal condition easily in daily life. When user performs questionnaire with chat-bot then takes photo of troubled area through mobile phone, the AI analyzes the data and informs the intensification of oral disease. The oral health report is provided and it will tell user if the user needs to visit a dental clinic or not before the disease gets much serious. After visiting the dental clinic, user can register the prescription so the platform can guide medication. It is a total platform for oral health management.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1) AI chat-bot questionnaire system & taking photo of affected area
2) Oral health report after AI analysis
3) Searching LDC(Local Dental Clinic) nearby
4) Consultation and reservation directly from LDC
5) Guiding medication based on prescription after visiting LDC
6) Children’s oral care training games
7) Recording and analyzing children’s eating habits
8) Children’s teeth animation