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Description of the Product

  • MCU STM32L078RZH
  • CPU Core ARM 32-bit Cortex –M0
  • Maximum Clock Speed 80MHz
  • Extension I2C x3
  • SPI x2 
  • (ADC&GPIO) x8
  • UART x4
  • SD-Card x1
  • SWD for Debug x1
  • Network LoRa module via HIGHTECH Module (SPI)
  • BLE module via UART
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi via SPI
  • Operating Voltage (Input) 1.65v ~ 3.6v (VIA Battery)
  • Transiever Semtech SX1276
  • Frequency 433MHz (Low), 816 ~ 920MHz (High)

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

ELTech's Service Concept: Safety diagnosis and prediction via Big data analysis
  • Use of measurement data at all time
- The judgment of long term displacement trend of buildings
- Determination of maintenance point and direction
- Determination of displacement according to the season, temperature and humidity, etc.
- Determination of safety range and threshold
  • Use of accumulated data in case of emergency
- Identifying the time of the first structure error occurrence
- Minimizing human damage via a rapid warning
- Complex judgment by combining various sensors such as crack,
inclinometer, vibration, temperature, and humidity.