STOLZ SFZ 4P/6P BILLET ALUMINUM BIG BRAKE KIT ㅣ Mechanical disk brakes of STOLZ Co., Ltd


Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Model Big brake system
  • Power SFZ
  • Material FRONT OR REAR
  • Shape Ultra light forged aluminum
  • Brand Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, Black
  • Guarantee STOLZ
  • Reference 1YEAR
  • Norm/Standard ISO9001, KBA, E-Mark Cerftification

Technical Details

-1800t forged billet aluminum alloy Caliper
-4/6/8pistons Caliper
-Ultra-light weight rotor (350, 380mm)
-Bracket (customizing by car model)
-High performance pad

Description of the Product

-This mechanical disk brakes is a high quality product.
-Luxury premium line
-Designed to be lightweight&optimum durability using forged Aluminum alloys
-Elegant & Slim design that is created by high-tech 3D designs & precision processing
-Applicable to the front / rear a 4-piston caliper is applied for a high braking performance