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Trelleborg Singapore Pte Ltd

Trelleborg Hercules manufactures a range of products for the industries of Offshore Oil & Gas: - Fire protection products: ELASTOPIPE, FPSO, Drain Gully, FPSO escape tunnel seal. - Leg Mating Unit (LMU) / Deck Mating Unit (DSU) - Module Support Bearing - Boat Landing System: Shockcell, Rubstrips - Diaphragm closure, Grout Packer / Seal - Resilent Bearing & Shockpads - Subsea Thermal Insulation Infrastructure Products - All types of Rubber Fender - Extruded & moulded rubber parts - Coating of printing & industrial rollers - LPG tubing - Impact protection systems for buildings and other construction projects - Anti-vibration mountings - Custom made PU profiles - PU tension pads - Dredging hoses - Elastomeric bearings for infrastructure & construction industries. Fenders: - Marine Fender System At Trelleborg, we continue to further refine and improve our product line through R&D activities utilizing the latest tools like FEA modelling, rapid prototyping/ testing and a more selective mixture of materials that combine to give our customers' products that perform at the highest standard. These initiatives ultimately translate to cost savings that will be passed on to our customers. We are also able to offer the fastest and most cost competitive customizations to meet every requirement. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer in terms of product improvement/ customizations. Manufacturing of boats and wharfs fenders, car parks bumpers Printing and industrial rollers Tanking lining, inner tubes, riser pipe corrosion protection.

  • Rubber products
  • Rubber and rubber proofed sheets
  • Sheeting, rubber, for industrial use...
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