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Nai Fong Foodstuff Trading

Tenderfresh Fried & BBQ Chicken Pte Ltd

HSC International Pte Ltd

Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd

Lit Lit Sin Desserts

Lee Bin Hong Pigs Supplier Pte Ltd

Maya Corporation Pte Ltd

KH Roberts Pte Ltd

Jin Zhong Xiu Trading

Plan B Ventures Pte Ltd

Agrifert Holdings Pte Ltd

Phoon Huat (Pte)Ltd

Ban Hock Food Pte Ltd

PTA Pte Ltd

Sevenseas Fisheries Pte Ltd

SCS 2009 Limited Liability Partnership

Tai Kong Import & Export

Tan You Peng Food Industries Pte Ltd

Win Win Food Singapore Pte Ltd

Thow Yen Foodstuffs Pte Ltd

Wildlife And Veterinary Supplies

Whole Trading Pte Ltd

AB Pac (S) Pte Ltd

Dairy Powders Pte Ltd

Infinitii Corporation Pte Ltd

Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific PTE. LTD. ((Toyota Group of Companies))

JT International Tobacco Services (S) Pte Ltd

S.J. Low Brothers & Co. (Pte)Ltd

V.V.Doshi Trading Pte Ltd

Spinelli Coffee Company

Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd

SBAC Co. Ltd

Hong Kong Noodle Manufacturing(S) Pte Ltd

Khan Bhoy (S) Pte Ltd

Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Lubritrade Trading Pte Ltd

Pan Exporters Corporation

Hansa-Sagar Mills Pte Ltd

See Hoy Chan (1988) Pte Ltd

Mondelez Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Ng Choon Seng (Pte)Ltd

Wing Joo Loong Ginseng Hong (S) Company Pte Ltd

Philip Morris Singapore Pte Ltd

Oceantrade Foods Pte Ltd

Olam International Limited

Highlanders International Pte Ltd

Nature Environment Products (S) Pte Ltd

Wilmar Trading Pte Ltd

Fresh Cafe Distributors

Jordon International Food Processing Pte Ltd

Roche Singapore Pte Ltd

Seah's Spices Food Industries Pte Ltd

Adeka (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Medi-East International Pte Ltd

Boncafe International Pte Ltd

Brewer's Coffee Pte Ltd

General Mills Singapore Pte Ltd

Heap Seng & Co. (Pte)Ltd

Ideal Food Industries (Pte)Ltd

N.P.Foods (S) Pte Ltd

Hershey Singapore Pte Ltd

King's Aquafeed Supply

Vismark Food Industries Pte Ltd

Euraco Finefood Pte Ltd

Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd

YLF Marketing Pte Ltd

Nava 1872 Pte Ltd ((A member of the Silva Group))

Kaimay Trading Pte Ltd

Louisiana Seafood Manufacturing Pte Ltd

British American Tobacco Sales & Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd

Alphico Marketing Pte Ltd

New Eastern (1971) Pte Ltd

Singapore Houten Pte Ltd

Barry Callebaut Chocolate Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Rikevita (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Metadesign (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tongil Singapore Pte Ltd

Esmail & Ahmed Bros (1992) Pte Ltd

Japan Tobacco International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Auric Pacific Marketing Pte Ltd

Naspac Marketing Pte Ltd

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