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Analytical Technologies Pte Ltd, AGOC

United Test And Assembly Center Ltd

Prestige Bioresearch Pte Ltd

Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd

Measurite Pte Ltd

Atech Advance Control Pte Ltd

MPH Cranes (Far East) Pte Ltd

Lai Springs & Metal Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Metalux Molecular (S) Pte Ltd

Astraco-Asia Trading Company Pte Ltd

Lynk Biotechnologies Pte Ltd

Witte Far East Pte Ltd

Norbar Torque Tools Pte Ltd

Betzler (Asia) Consortium Pte Ltd

SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd

United Surveyors Pte Ltd

Ritchie & Bisset (Far East) Pte Ltd

Francom Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

UL International-Singapore Pte Ltd

Johns Hopkins Singapore Pte Ltd

Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd

MarinEx Pharmaceuticals (S) Pte Ltd

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific (S) Pte Ltd

CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd

VS Electronics Pte Ltd

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Mapei Far East Pte Ltd

Hoestar Inspection International Pte Ltd

Trio-Tech International Pte Ltd

Dive-Marine Services Pte Ltd

Intertek Testing Services(S) Pte Ltd (Caleb Brett Division)

Merlion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

SciGen Ltd

United Testing Co. Pte Ltd

Dyna-Mac Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Pathway biomed Trading Pte Ltd

Keyence Singapore Pte Ltd

Top Great Engineering & Marine Pte Ltd

Hydez Hydraulic Engineers Pte Ltd

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd (Singapore Branch)

FARO Singapore Pte Ltd

Flexi Systems (S) Pte Ltd

Taisin Paper Box Industries Pte Ltd

CC Loo Total Quality Management Consultancy

Abitex Designs (S) Pte Ltd

German Institute of Science and Technology - TUM Asia Pte Ltd

Pipeline Services Pte Ltd

TCG Rengo (S) Ltd

Ace Quality Testing And Inspection Services Pte Ltd

Chemical Laboratory (S) Pte Ltd

CordLife Group Ltd

Globstat Technologies Pte Ltd

Greenair Technology (S) Pte Ltd

DNV GL Singapore Pte Ltd

Aste Global Pte Ltd

P.S.M Fastener (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Helmi Talib & Company

Container Connections Pte Ltd

Ken-Jo Industries Pte Ltd

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

Koi Marine Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Greenclay Technologies Pte Ltd

FME Precision (Pte)Ltd

Agri Nutrition Asia Pte Ltd ((A member of The Zagro Asia Group))

Isolab (Singapore) Pte Ltd

EMS Metrology Pte Ltd

IKM Testing Asia Pte Ltd

Chia Hoe Mechanical Engineering Pte Ltd

Chan Wah Sung Precision Engineering

Comms Technology Pte Ltd

Inspectorate (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Advanced Micro Devices (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Micro-Tech Supplies & Services Pte Ltd

Rigging & Marine Services Pte Ltd

Swift Electronic Engineers Pte Ltd

Icon Clinical Research Pte Ltd

SHAMA Technologies (S) Pte Ltd

Vibration & Sound Services & Sales Pte Ltd

NXP Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd

Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd ((A company of Singapore Technologies Kinetics))

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