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Quickbite Group Pte Ltd

Cheng Hong Restaurant & Catering Service

Harvest Catering Pte Ltd

Jew Kit Group Pte Ltd

Neo Garden Catering Pte Ltd

Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd

Original Food 21 (Pte)Ltd

Sterling Trends & Concepts Pte Ltd

Gim Tim Pte Ltd

Forwarders & Delivery Agency Singapore Pte Ltd

Elsie's Kitchen

Harvestfoods Pte Ltd

Deli Hub Catering Pte Ltd

Coastal Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Kotobuki Restaurant (Jurong)

Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd

Westlake 3 Pte Ltd

D'Fine Catering Services Pte Ltd

Kate's Catering Services

Lavish Dine Catering Pte Ltd

ISS-CDCS Catering Pte Ltd

Q'zin Food And Management Pte Ltd

SATS Catering Pte Ltd

CJS Catering Pte Ltd

Mum's Kitchen

Jiale Buffet Services

Broson Catering Pte Ltd

Royal Catering Services Pte Ltd

SCS Food Services Pte Ltd

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Revada Food & Services Pte Ltd

Smiling Orchid (Singapore) Pte Ltd

EZB Pte Ltd

Lagun Sari Wedding & Catering Services Pte Ltd

Hawa Catering Service

Lee Wee & Brothers' Foodstuff Pte Ltd

Hup Lee Frozen Food Pte Ltd

John Cafeteria

Mayura Catering Pte Ltd

NS Catering Services Pte Ltd

Oh's Farm Catering Pte Ltd

Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd ((A Subsidiary of Neo Group))


SMH Foods Enterprise

Ecreative Catering

Spring Ocean Food Supplies

Ye Liang How Catering Service Pte Ltd

Cafe Galilee Pte Ltd

1A Catering Pte Ltd

Select Group Ltd

Tuas Point Seafood Restaurant & Catering

Sodexo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Pines Food Catering Pte Ltd

Pines Food Delight Pte Ltd

Eatzi Gourmet Pte Ltd

Edokko Food Pte Ltd

Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

Coriander Leaf Pte Ltd

Kim's Place Catering

Compass Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Stamfles Food Services Pte Ltd

YumTrade Pte Ltd

Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd

Janur Food Industry

International Catering Pte Ltd

Oshika Catering Services

Peng Catering Services

Qi Ji Pte Ltd

Quix Pte Ltd

Rajah Mas Catering Pte Ltd

Redleaf Vegetarian Food Catering Pte Ltd

Stamford Catering Services Pte Ltd

Pattaya Garden Catering Services

Thomson Catering Pte Ltd

Summit Catering Services Pte Ltd

Bibik Caterers

Bruno's Treats Catering Services

Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services

Jessie Catering Pte Ltd

Gim Nam Food Caterer

Liang Food Caterer

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