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Avocent Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (ASEAN)

A leading global provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for enterprise data centers, small/medium businesses, and branch offices. Branded products include local and remote switching, serial console services, digital extension and embedded solutions. Avocent hardware and software combined provides customers with the power of centralized management. IT administrators can sit at as a single console and control local and remote servers, network data center devices, power and environmental appliances. Avocent solutions are distributed by the world's largest server manufacturers and installed in Fortune 100 companies around the world. Visit for more local details. Products Lines; Data Centre Management Solution - DSView management software provides secure, remote and consolidated out-of-band management of the entire IT infrastructure. - Cyclades PM for power management - Managed with the DSView software, DSR KVM switches enable BIOS-level control of servers and serial equipment from anywhere. - Avocent advanced console servers provide secure, remote access to IT devices and console port management for UNIX- and Windows-based servers. Remote Branch Office Solution The DSR KVM over IP switches provide IT administrators with a range of solutions designed for managing one to eight network devices in a remote location. SMB Server Room Avocent AutoView switches provide immediate benefits to the SMB (small to medium size business) server room. A single 1U high AutoView KVM switch can manage up to 16 servers providing immediate hardware and space savings. Desktop Solution Avocent SwitchView KVM switches provides access to multiple PCs and attached devices, share printers, scanners, MP3 players, cameras, speakers, etc. between PCs.

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