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Reference : 0004854076

Classification: Plastic and rubber waste collection and recycling services


9 May, 2022

Bonjour, Je souhaiterais connaître les tarifs pour - un abonnement à la base de données Kompass ; - une extraction de la liste des entreprises pour un produit déterminé. Cordialement, Marie-Laure Mery.
Reference : 0004846306

Classification: Metal waste collection and recycling equipment


6 May, 2022

Greetings, Hope you are doing well! I am taking this opportunity to write an email for the quotation of electric motor or compressor scrap material in bulk quantity. As a first order, please provide the quotation for the listed below quantity. Approx. 100 MT CIF or FOB We are interested in maintaining a long-term business relationship with you and looking for the best price along with delivery and payment terms and conditions. Please feel free to call at +971521564667 or write an email, and I am looking for a positive response from you. Regards, Muhammad Sanaullah
Reference : 0004835453

Classification: Electricity distribution


29 April, 2022

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm Iris Do (Ms), I'm from Loyal Partner,JSC, a branch of National Fortune Co., Ltd, a Vietnam based trading company. We are majoring in providing machines and equipment to cement plants in Vietnam, like gearbox, conveyor belt, conveyor chain, ID fan etc. Thanks to the customer's trust, we are currently becoming the distributor as well as strategic partner with many global manufacturers such as Phoenix, Magotteaux, Reitz etc. Currently we want to purchase some Spareparts of KSB CHTC6/5. Could you please send us up-to-date price of this product? We are looking forward to your prompt response and our collaboration. Thanks & Best Regards, Iris Do (Trang Đỗ) Purchasing Department Loyal Partner Industrial Consultancy, JSC Mobile/ zalo/ whatsapp: +84 393286160 Website: Email:
Reference : 0004829562

Classification: Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar electric equipment


26 April, 2022

Greeting dear receiver, I hope that you are very well. I would like to purchase Tigo products for monitoring each Photovoltaic module, we want to buy 30 pieces of TS4-A-M and of course its CCA Kit 344-00000-52. We would like you to send us a quote as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you Cordially Hicham OUFETTOUL

Classification: Geothermal and aerothermal energy production equipment, parts and accessories


21 April, 2022

Search for fans for aerothermal heat pumps .-Axial fans - ideally 600mm diameter - Ventilateurs axiaux - idéalement de diamètre 600mm
Reference : 0004810181

Classification: Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar electric parts and accessories

South Korea

19 April, 2022

Information on South Korean manufacturers of renewable solar energy products and accessories.
Reference : 0004807415

Classification: Crude oil (petroleum) production

United States

15 April, 2022

Looking forward to best prices for Petcoke Anode grade 1%-3.5% sulphur content - quantity of 5,000mt to 50,000mt per month Petcoke high sulphur content is Ok 6%-9%, but price must be very competitive, quantity of 30,000mt to 50,000mt to 100,000mt per month
Reference : 0004806058

Classification: Biomass energy production equipment, parts and accessories


14 April, 2022

Hi, Dear Sir/Madam: Hope you are doing well. I am Dr. Abdul Sattar Qureshi working as Associate Professor University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. I am contacting you to provide information regarding the following chemicals and deliver it to my University in Pakistan. I need following Ionic Liquids; 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride [Bmim]Cl 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate [Emim][OAc] cholinium lysine[Ch][Lys] or Choline Lysine cholinium taurate [Ch][Tau] Choline Taurate I need these chemicals in my country. I want to know the price and packing of the above chemicals. Thank You Regards, Sattar
Reference : 0004805013

Classification: Biomass energy production equipment, parts and accessories


13 April, 2022

We are looking for manufacturers of steam turbines from 1kw to 3 MW range for promotion in Africa/ SE Asia / SriLanka /Bangladesh

Classification: Green waste collection and recycling services


12 April, 2022

Sur notre site de traitement de déchets verts nous disposons d'une station de GNR Pétrotec de 2006 dont l'afficheur est HS et nous souhaiterions le remplacer.
Reference : 0004793558

Classification: Air pollution treatment and control equipment


8 April, 2022

Achat 50 unités vmc double flux + accessoires installation en comble très haut rendement 98% cdlt.
Reference : 0004786088

Classification: Electricity production


6 April, 2022

We are looking for Micro steam turbine from 1kW to 1000kw -- back pressure and condensing
Reference : 0004783167

Classification: Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar electric equipment


5 April, 2022

we are looking to buy photovoltaic panels
Reference : 0004775001

Classification: Machinery and equipment for offshore oil and gas production

South Korea

4 April, 2022

Dear, pls see below inquiry with brand of Seojin(Korea) Remote Displayer Mounting: Panel Mount Power Supply: 24 Vdc Amb. Temperature: -20 ~ 60 'C Enclosure Material: ABS + Fiber Glass P.N:SRD-64

Classification: Water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant and equipment


18 March, 2022

bonjour, je suis à la recherche pour des matériels de traitement des eaux usées
Reference : 0004733178

Classification: Biomass energy production equipment, parts and accessories


17 March, 2022

Bonjour. Pour le compte de plusieurs gouvernements africains, je recherche des partenaires internationaux maîtrisant la technologie de production anaérobie d'énergie et de chaleur à partir de déchets ménagers. Ce serait un plus que ces partenaires aient aussi des financements qui seraient remboursés par un crédit souverain. Pouvez-vous me guider dans ma recherche ? Merci d'avance
Reference : 0004737000

Classification: Oil and gas production platforms

United States

17 March, 2022

We are working on a request of one of our customers, OZNA company ( We need to supply them with the gas compressors. Technical proposals from the another supplier are attached, you can use all details from there. End users are: UDS Group and Novatek. Compressor type: rotary vane compressor. Please select a motor you consider proper for this compressor. Compressor should have a possibility to change the output by using variable frequency drive (VFD)
Reference : 0004726134

Classification: Renewable energy consultants

United Kingdom

14 March, 2022

I am looking for LEDs to grow crops in an indoor vertical farm. Also sensor technology to track and measure different variables such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Alternatively, I am looking for a supplier of hydroponics equipment such as the grow media, and nutrients for the crops.
Reference : 0004615293

Classification: Gas distribution


8 February, 2022

Dear Sirs. Please inform us of the possibility of delivery, production time and cost. Combustion head Sargi 50MHP - ADX - 4pcs.
Reference : 0004598404

Classification: Plastic and rubber waste collection and recycling equipment


2 February, 2022

Bonjour, Nous cherchons des déchets plastiques triés, PE et PP, en quantité. Nous sommes implantés en Turquie a Adana. Nous sommes spécialisés dans le recyclage et particulièrement dans la production de granulés. Nous connaissons la qualité des déchets plastiques triés français et sommes sensibilisés par le recyclage selon ses critères écologiques. C est pourquoi je viens vers vous afin de connaître vos possibilités , les quantités, vos tarifs et vos produits que vous êtes susceptibles de nous procurer. Nous sommes preneurs pour 100 tonnes a 1000 tonnes , ou plus, mensuel. Vous pouvez me contacter au 0678551910 Vous remerciant d avance. Cordialement M Akdeniz. Ayhan 3 rue des Parets 31270 Villeneuve Tolosane Télécharger Outlook pour Android
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