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Polyone (S) Pte Ltd

PolyOne's Vision: To be the world.s premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. To fully realize this vision, we are executing a strategy with four core components: Specialization: Drawing upon a deep knowledge of polymers, formulations and polymer processing, we provide you with the innovative solutions you need to compete and win. Our value-creating offerings extend beyond materials to help customers who care about service, technology and problem solving. Globalization: We are expanding in the same high-growth markets where you and your customers are migrating so that, no matter where you operate, we are well positioned to meet your needs. Leveraging our broad geographic reach, we serve you with the consistency and reliability you demand from a true global partner. Commercial excellence: To earn our standing as your trusted partner, we strive to know your organization as well as you know it. Understanding what you value and driving end-to-end solutions, we help you satisfy your customers, compete more effectively and grow your business. When you gain, we both win. Operational excellence: By committing to a journey of continuous improvement in each aspect of our business, we help drive efficiency and profitable growth in yours. Guided by the voice of the customer, we strive to reduce the complexity of your world, freeing you to turn your attention where it belongs: to your customers.

Supplier of:

  • Rubber products
  • Synthetic rubbers
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)...

Brady Corporation Asia Pte Ltd

Brady Corporation (NYSE:BRC) is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect premises, products, and people. Its products help customers increase safety, security, productivity, and performance, and include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, and precision die-cut materials. Founded in 1914, the company has more than 300,000 customers in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, education, and a variety of other industries. Brady is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and employs about 9,000 people in operations in the United States, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin American, and Canada. Specializes in high quality labels and identification systems. Products: 1)High Performance Identification - thermal transfer printers - high performance labels - thermal transfer ribbons - label printing software - data collection 2)Power & Communication Identification - wire marker printers and labels - general wire-marking products - laboratory identification solutions 3)Safety and Facility Identification - safety identification products - large format THT colour printing systems - label printing and vinyl cutting systems, sorbents and spill containment, LOTO 4)Precision Die Cut Components - hard disk drive industry - telecommunication industry 5)Thermal Management Materials 6)Brand Protection Security

Supplier of:

  • Adhesive paper
  • Paper and board
  • Paper, self-adhesive...

TES-AMM Singapore Pte Ltd

TES-AMM group of companies is a leading e-waste recycling and waste material management service provider, specializing in the re-use, demanufacturing and trading of scrap electrical and electronic equipment. We also provide education and research support for clients in area of waste management. We are capable of handling: - Electronic waste recycling; manual or automated disassembly, mechanical & chemical treatment processing - Customised Destruction & Demanufacturing activities for electronic waste. - Electronic Waste Management - E-Waste Recycling - (Precious) metal recovery - Repair & refurbishment of IT Equipments, Parts and/or components (ITAD services include on-site or off-site secure data erasure / media destruction, assets sanitization, parts harvesting and resale on the second hand market. Items which are not functional are recycled in house for materials and precious metals extraction.) - Waste water treatment - Fume treatment - Component Recovery - Plastic recycling - Metal Recycling - Epoxy recycling (Epoxy-Waste Plastic Compound Manufacturing Pilot Plant Established) - LCD recycling (R&D stage) - Battery recycling - Aluminium Smelting Main e-waste items or products we are targeting to collect: - Scrap semiconductor chips, micro processors, lead frames & integrated circuits (IC) - Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) - Wafers and dies - Components; transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. - Fuse & connectors - Hard (disk) drives, docking stations, servers, UPS & Power supplies - Electronic devices, IT Equipment (Laptop..), computer & peripherals, telecommunication & mobile communicative networks. - Take Back Program - Tes-AMM collaborates with MNC to customize Take Back Program, & Lends Support in logistics & advertising & promotion campaigns in any way required.

Supplier of:

  • Plastic sections
  • Plastic products
  • Sections, epoxy resin...
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