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Element14 Pte Ltd

Maxtrans Technology Pte Ltd

NEKO Automation (S) Pte Ltd

Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific

Magenta Manufacturing Pte Ltd

ST Circuit Design & Contract Pte Ltd

Maxstech Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Caltron Pte Ltd

Electronic Synergies (S) Pte Ltd

Softlink Technology Resources

Aavid Thermalloy (S) Pte Ltd

Daviscomms (S) Pte Ltd

MBE Technology Pte Ltd

PCI Limited

Toplist Mechanical & Electrical Services

Apollo Seiko Pte Ltd

Wemark Techno Engineering Pte Ltd

Promax PCB Design & Engineering

Advanpack Solutions Pte Ltd

SIIX Singapore Pte Ltd

Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd ((Regional Office))

C & W Electronics Pte Ltd

PCA Technology Ltd

Add-Plus Electronic Pte Ltd

Atex Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

Oka-no (S) Pte Ltd

Glendale Electronic Components Pte Ltd

Venture Corporation Limited

Celestica Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

Cadtronics Singapore Pte Ltd

J Seagull Technology Pte Ltd

AC Synergy Pte Ltd

JCS-Echigo Pte Ltd

Flextronics Plastics (S) Pte Ltd

Ellipsiz DSS Pte Ltd

Wurth Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

Amdus Supply

Flextronics Manufacturing (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Procurement Hub Pte Ltd

Sputnik Electrical Services ((A division of MANU ELECTRONICS PTY LTD))

Vinical Electrical Pte Ltd

Omni-Plus System Pte Ltd

Powerlite Engineering Pte Ltd

Millice Pte Ltd

Axcelis Technologies Pte Ltd

Multitech Systems (Pte)Ltd

Atron Pte Ltd

Sanmina-SCI Electronics Pte Ltd

Technic-Power Engineering Pte Ltd

Steward Pte Ltd (A unit of Laird Technologies (SEA) Pte Ltd)

Nihan Industries Pte Ltd

RS Components Pte Ltd

Rockwell Automation Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

Bertda Services (SEA) Pte Ltd

Avi-Tech Electronics Ltd

Giken Sakata (S) Limited

Precision Circuit Manufacturers Pte Ltd

Additive Circuits (S) Pte Ltd

Singapore Kyoden Pte Ltd

Kaga (Singapore) Electronics Pte Ltd

Advanced Manufacturing Corporation Pte Ltd

Aikkei Electronics Pte Ltd

AVIQ (S) Pte Ltd

LCC Netcom Pte Ltd

Fornet Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Pulse Tech Singapore Pte Ltd

Peir-Yuan Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Adventech (S) Pte Ltd

Precision Procurement Pte Ltd

SI Rubber & Plastics Pte Ltd

Nexcomm Asia Pte Ltd

Valour Technology Pte Ltd

Vital Links Technology Pte Ltd

Brady Corporation Asia Pte Ltd

Speedy-Tech Electronics Ltd

Epan Industries (Pte)Ltd

STMicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Seap Trading Pte Ltd

Inspire Seiki Pte Ltd

Spiktron Corporation Pte Ltd

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