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BS Tech Pte Ltd

Any process industry which involves simulation, measurement, record and control appreciates instrumentation advantage. BS Tech is your best Investment to deliver the maximum return for measurement solutions. Indulged with our innovative knowledge, competitive premium and instant mobilization for site deployments, BS Tech has worked her recipe of success for these many years and steering forward. We are a global ISO certified group, outgrew from our location and establish offices to be as close to our clients as possible. Reliability and performance are the constituents, BS Tech aims to achieve in every Individual we groom to deliver. Our goal is to ensure that we become the Market Leader for our clients globally. Proud and honored to be elected as one of Siemens. Partner for 2013, BS Tech has heightened her expectations to another platform to provide her clients to lean on for homogeneous solutions for industrial processes. This is a remarkable achievement to assist their industrial processes with our expertise for process instrumentation from the years we have come through. Our new baby to the family, BS Nautical Offshore, has made a landmark in the marine industry to provide Automation, Navigation and HVAC solutions. Through the experience we cultivated, we presently manage every aspect of offshore operations with fullest confidence. BS Nautical Offshore assures that services provided under our scope will be dealt professionally in order for the integrated systems to piston perfectly. BS Insys is an established subsidiary that caters to pressure testing in offshore industry for hire of pressure equipments. We save the trouble of clients needing to maintain and create workspace, calibrate, service and repair equipments in the field during the testing processes. With a cost efficient equation tabulated just to test and to consolidate data, clients are not required to invest huge amounts for these equipments for a short term. Offering certified endorsements and safely packed in hard cases due to complex logistics involved in the exploration business, we fit perfectly to be partners with clients who are in pressure testing business.

Supplier of:

  • Installation and maintenance services, for engines and mechanical components
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Repair and maintenance services for valves...

Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd ((A company of Singapore Technologies Kinetics))

*Calibration & Measurement - Electrical Equipment (Including RF equipment) - Mechanical Equipment (Including Flow, Pressure, Torque, Force etc) - Temperature Equipment (Including Furnaces, Ovens etc) - Dimensional Equipment (Calipers, Micrometers etc) - Dimensional Verification of Jigs & Fixtures - First Articles Inspection - Volumetric Apparatus and Gas Meters *Chemical & Biological Testing - Material Chemical Composition and Analysis - Microbiological Testing - RoHS Testing *Environmental Testing - Environmental Impact Assessment / Monitoring / Analysis / Pre-audit - Stack Emissions Testing - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis - Industrial Hygiene Monitoring - Noise Monitoring - Trade Effluent Analysis * Materials Engineering - Failure Investigation, SEM and EDX Analysis - Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing (Tensile, Compression, Proof-load) - Customized Testing, X-sectioning, Plating Measurement - Load Test and Certification of Lifting Equipment - Approval of Scaffolds in Singapore *Non-destructive Testing - RT, UT, ET, PT, MP, PMS and Welders Qualification Test - Infra-red Demography - Inspection and Purification of Structural Steelwork and Pressure Vessels. *Product Reliability Testing - Vibration and Climatic Testing - HALT and HASS Testing - Dust Test - ESS and ESD Testing - Salt Spray Testing - Fast Temperature Change Rate Stress Screening - Highly Accelerated Stress Test - Reliablity and Maintainability Programe - Diagnostics Measurement and Analysis (Stress, Strain, Vibration, Shock, Noise, Pressure, Temperature and etc) - Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Vibration Test System Awards & Qualifications Received: *Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC-SINGLAS) - Calibration and Measurement - Chemical and Biological Testing - Electrical Testing - Environmental Testing - Mechanical Testing - Non-destructive Testing *Accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 by Singapore Accreditation Council (Accreditation Scheme for Inspection Body) - Industrial Equipment and Machinery (Lifting Equipment) - Building Construction and Maintenance (Structural Steelwork Inspection) *OHSAS 18001 *ISO 14001 *NEA Approved Center for Stack Emissions Testing *MOM Approved Center for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring and Noise Monitoring *NEA Approved Center for Testing Cooling Towers & Water Fountains *NEA Listed Center for Testing Indoor Air Quality *MOM Approved Test Center for Type Approval of Scaffolds Associated Companies: Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd

Supplier of:

  • Waste water and water pollution analysis and treatment services
  • Environmental services, renewable energies
  • Water analysis services...
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