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Element14 Pte Ltd

Lightcraft Pte Ltd

Lionex Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

Intraco Limited

Dickson Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd

Santak Electronics Pte Ltd

Eltek Power Pte Ltd

Hakuto Singapore Pte Ltd

Hitachi Asia Ltd ((Information Systems Group)/Group 2)

Teo Tiang Huat Electric & Hardware Co.

DOS Electronics Pte Ltd

Rectronix (S) Pte Ltd

Eric-UMS Pte Ltd

Chertec Semiconductor services

Chematic Industrial (S) Pte Ltd

Chemicals and Machinery Pte Ltd

SAG Components (S) Pte Ltd

Emerson Network Power (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Tai-Tech Advanced Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd ((A Subsidiary of Superworld Group))

Dragon Technology Distribution Pte Ltd

RS Components Pte Ltd

O S Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

Decowell Industries Pte Ltd

Decomet Metal Finishing Pte Ltd

Decor Industries Pte Ltd

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd

P.I.E Electroplating Pte Ltd

Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Spiktron Corporation Pte Ltd

NSP Tech Pte Ltd

Hitachi Asia Ltd ((Regional Headquarter))

Pan Delta Controls Pte Ltd

Eastern Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Pte Ltd

Xyrix Electronics Pte Ltd

Bematech Electronics Pte Ltd

ATTC (Asian) Pte Ltd

WPG South Asia Pte Ltd

Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd

Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific PTE. LTD. ((Toyota Group of Companies))

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